The Steeping Room

I have to say that I could never write about another tea shop and be unbiased. I am taking a concerted effort to be my own Valentine and love myself this week. It's (my self-titled) sexy-week so I took myself on a Zara shopping spree and lunch at the Steeping Room- a small tea shop in the Domain. What better way than treating yourself to a relaxing pot of tea? I do not drink enough tea these days from when I did working at Alice's Tea Cup so this was completely refreshing. This includes the For Life teapots. 

I had the roast beef sandwich with chili-lime tomato. It was a pretty standard sandwich as I've enjoyed their salmon and roast beef tea sandwiches more before. I'm also a little skeptical of their Lapsang Souchong chicken salad. Pros were the addictive caesar salad and the star was my mandarin white tea. I've been craving white tea for weeks and I left pretty satisfied.

I will forever compare tea shops to Alice's Tea Cup so all I can do is celebrate the places who celebrate tea. Sexy tea.