How to deal with heartbreak:

1.    Find your nearest mother (yours or someone else’s).

2.    Insist on quality time for therapy.

3.    Go get gourmet pizza.

4.    See a movie with Joaquin Phoenix.

Yes. Even if he’s playing a crazy, homeless-looking, hip-hop singer wannabe, it actually helps. This is a food blog though so back to bullet point number 3.  The gourmet pizza was found at a tiny and unassuming place in a strip mall in San Antonio named Dough. Although unassuming, it packs quite a punch holding a ton of certifications representing its quality and Italian authenticity. Its pizzas are coming from an oven made and shipped over from Naples. Its standards and criteria are pretty impressive and all their hard work and dedication can be tasted in the food.

Janet (Jackie’s mom) and I sat outside the restaurant for some ambiance and started off with the burricotti. Burricotti is some serious Mozzarella di Bufala opened up to encase some creamy ricotta cheese and flavored with fresh herbs grown on site. It’s set over greens with a balsamic bite and served with fett’unta, a perfectly grilled piece of bread glistening with olive oil.

What better way to have a main course than two large pizza pies with a lot of ham? We shared a pie called “Pork Love” ('cause if you can't be with a man, you should love your pork) and my ultimate favorite that I am dreaming about having for leftovers tomorrow night- arugula and prosciutto. The pork love was nice and salty with salami, sausage, and bacon and a nice, fruity tomato sauce. Oh and mozzarella made in house. Oh and arugula and prosciutto. My mouth is watering just talking about it. It was creamy. Can you say that about pizza? Every part of the pizza meshed perfectly- dough, mozzarella, gorgeous prosciutto, and green arugula topped with truffle oil. Oh. My. Kudos to this place for staying true to the ingredients, for quality over quantity, and its Slow Food ideals being shown through the food. That’s some true Italian. I don’t think I will ever dislike true Italian. Or Joaquin Phoenix for that matter.

Needless to say the heart’s still achin' but my stomach is well taken care of.