Calamari, Caprese, and Couture

"Pairing" is a common occurrence in many fields such as accessories with dresses, wine with food, curtains with bedspreads, songs with dances, but not many people mix-and-match. I find a good and complete experience to come with combinations of happy experiences- certain music with the perfect snack or a pot of tea with reruns of your favorite show. Why can't a perfect pair involve clothes and food? Or wine with earrings? Bedspreads and dances? Curtains and songs?  My day wouldn't have been the same without hitting the spot with a perfect dress and just the right food.

South Congress is pretty much the perfect place to satisfy any kind of food and vintage shopping pairing needs. This time Jackie and I were in the mood for some light fare at South Congress Cafe. It was exactly what we wanted: two cups of coffee, a calamari appetizer, and two caprese salads.

This was probably my favorite. They use calamari steaks- nice, thick, meaty pieces fried and served with an Asian sauce of orange and ginger. It was light and bright.

Then comes another light and bright and pretty caprese. The proportions were perfect of heirloom, mozzarella, a thick balsamic glaze, and a garlic and basil puree. I thought I was thoroughly satisfied until Jackie found this little number for me:

Ah- vintage finds are so satisfying and this one also quite pretty and light and bright. It all rounded each other out and I don't think one would have been perfect without the other.